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Color Matching


Vehicle interiors often incorporate a combination of different colors and materials. Over time, plastic trim can accumulate dirt and fade, similar to the OEM factory seat upholstery. Moreover, the interior color may appear different depending on whether the vehicle is parked in the shade or under natural sunlight. It is important to not we are sourcing the materials from other material dealers using the factory color codes. The material we receive may not be 100% like the original but it will be a 95%-98% match. Some of the material we are able to source direct OEM Material. Some colors for older vehicles are not available anymore. In cases such as these we use the closest match we can find in the market. The same goes with our clips as well! Sometimes certain original parts, such as clips, are not available so we use the closest match on the market. In regards to the clips and other parts although they may not be exactly like the original we always conduct quality test to ensure they will 100% work for your vehicle!

Considering these factors, accurately selecting colors based solely on digital images is nearly impossible. While we can provide suggestions for colors resembling factory configurations in some cases, physical samples offer the best representation.

Selecting the right color for your leather interior kit is a very important decision. However, it's important to keep in mind that the color on the digital photos on our website may not accurately represent the colors in person depending on the lighting settings on your computer or cell phone.

For example, a dark gray seat cover might look like a black cover depending on the lighting settings.

We strongly advise against choosing a color based on online photos.

You can request multiple color samples so you can compare shades and get an idea of what the texture of your seat covers will look like.

Once you receive the samples, we recommend taking your vehicle out into the sunlight and cleaning the plastic trim pieces. Start by comparing the samples to your factory upholstery and assess how they look next to various components of your vehicle's interior.

You can also clean a small area using "Scrub & Bubbles" and a scrub brush safe for leather. This will help take any dirt off of the cover to reveal the original color so you can make a better decision regarding your color match.

If you are having difficulty figuring out which color you need, you can give us a call at (281) 675-5455 and provide us with the trim color code that is located at the bottom of the trim color code sticker in either your door jamb or glove box depending on your make and model. We match our material to the original OEM color codes so by providing that information to us you allow us to better assist you with finding the correct color you need. You can even take a picture of the sticker and text it to that same number and we can assist you that way as well!

Important to remember:

- The covers displayed on our website are digitally altered and touched up for product listings. While we have made every effort to depict them accurately, variations in device screen settings make it impossible to guarantee an exact match. Samples provide the most reliable representation.

- You can request free samples at any point before or during the ordering process. Once your order is through it is much more difficult to have a consult regarding the color.


- Car interiors consist of multiple components that may differ in color due to manufacturer configurations, age, and usage. When comparing samples, consider plastic seat trim, door panels, the dashboard, and/or the old upholstery. The best location to match sample colors is against clean plastic trim pieces on or near the seats being reupholstered.




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